The DBToaster compiler can be installed on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux platforms. The compiler supports generation of C++ and Scala programs and, depending on the chosen backend(s), requires the following dependencies:

  • Oracle JDK 7 (or above) - required
  • g++ 4.8 (or above) - optional, for compiling generated C++ programs
  • Scala 2.11.x - optional, for compiling generated Scala programs
  • Cygwin - required only for Windows, see the below video on how to install DBToaster on Windows
  • Most of the development and testing has been done on macOS and Linux platforms.
  • Other versions of the tools/packages might work as well but have not been tested.
  • To use a custom C++ compiler, create a symlink gpp in the DBToaster directory that points to the compiler (e.g., "ln -s /usr/local/bin/g++-4.8 gpp").
Visit Downloads to get the latest binaries for different platforms. Each binary comes with a set of example SQL queries and datasets to get you started.